Kami menyesuaikan perkhidmatan kami selaras dengan keperluan anda.
Ini adalah satu-satunya cara dimana kepelbagaian boleh membawa ke arah negara yang lebih teguh.

Kami wujud untuk generasi masa hadapan.

Perubahan dalam kerjaya tidak hanya mempengaruhi orang dewasa. Di CDC, kami wujud untuk menjadikan peralihan itu satu fasa kehidupan yang lebih lancar, supaya kita dapat belajar bahawa perubahan boleh membawa ke arah masa depan yang lebih cerah.

Former Malaysia Airlines (MAS) Employee who were retrenched have moved on with their lives through a career transition program under the CDC.

Find out how CDC helped him and many others move forward through personalised career transition solutions.

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Merpersembahkan logo baru CDC Malaysia

Bunga bergaya CDC atau motif bunga mekar menandakan kemunculan kecantikan terpendam atau keupayaan profesional seseorang. Setiap individu yang menerima sokongan peralihan kerjaya dari CDC Malaysia secara tidak langsung berkembang bersama kami. Oleh kerana kita semua memiliki bakat serta kebolehan secara semulajadi, komitmen CDC adalah untuk memupuk sifat-sifat tersebut supaya terus berkembang.

Warna merah gelap pada logo CDC adalah warna darah kehidupan, unsur penting bagi kita semua. Ia juga menetapkan kelainan secara visual dari organisasi lain yang lebih kerap menggunakan merah isyarat.

Kelabu menunjukkan kematangan profesional, juga menjadi pelengkap estetik bagi warna merah gelap tersebut.

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Berita Terpilih Untuk Anda Hari Ini :
4 Things You Must Do Before Applying to Jobs

Always remember that to succeed during job search, preparation is key. Doing so will help you strategize your moves and help you look better in the eyes of hirers. Think of it like how students prepare for an exam by studying, or how athletes train before entering a competition. This four things should not be missed by candidates who are currently looking for jobs.

6 Actionable Steps to Finding a Career You’ll Be Passionate About

There’s a lot of talk about “finding your passion” in modern self-help literature. Having a job that keeps you excited and motivated definitely keeps one’s morale and productivity buoyant. That said, there’s a difference between a passion that’s merely a hobby and one that contributes to society, and it’s the latter that you should be striving to make a career out of.

However, contrary to general perception, passion in itself isn’t the secret solution to our career woes. Nor will it ensure a happily ever after. It’s an important value to maintain in one’s life but it needs to be fuelled by the right perspective and approach, not to mention hard work and effort, to keep alive. That said, how do you find a career you’ll be passionate about?

Here are 6 simple and actionable steps to guide you on your search:

Do You Have a Career Emergency Plan? (Hint: You Should)

No one wants to plan for the worst (believe me, creating and maintaining a comprehensive phone tree for everyone in the organization was not my favorite part of the job). But it does happen, and the best way you can prevent it from keeping you down is to have a plan of action. Spend an hour or so every quarter getting your ducks in a row, and you’ll feel prepared no matter what punches get thrown your way.

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